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Why Golden Flaxseed?

There are many different kinds of flaxseed, grown in different parts of the world and each one has a different color and production criteria.

They are: Dark brown flax, easily grown and abundant in most of the northern states. This flax along with the light brown and red flax is what is mainly used for linseed oil and fabric.

There is also yellow flax, similar to the look of golden flaxseed.

Golden Flaxseed is a hybrid seed that was created by South Dakota and North Dakota State Universities about 15 or so years ago. The research was coming out about the wonderful benefits of lignans and omega 3 & 6 oils of flaxseed, and flax was rapidly gaining in popularity. These two universities thus created the golden seed to maximize these qualities. However, the golden flaxseed has a more stringent growing criterion that involve the right amount of nitrogen in the soil, the right soil itself, and specific weather conditions. Not to cold, wet, hot or dry! If these conditions are not available, the seed is inferior and lacking in oil, fiber and lignans.

There is organic flax, which is grown on certified fields with no nitrogen (fertilizer) in the soil or Nitrogen fed. The Nitrogen gives the plant oxygen thus starving out weeds and providing for a higher quality/quantity of oil and fiber.

The best and only way to really tell if you have a good golden flax seed is to test it yourself. This is what you test for.

  • Is it shiny? The flaxseed should be shiny and very oily on the surface of the seed (our flaxseed is between 48-53% oil). About 9 grams of oil per ľ cup! 
  • Are the seeds plump? Our seeds are large and plump, not small and flat. A flat small seed usually means very little fiber content as well as lignans.
  • How does it taste? Is it a sweet nutty flavor or bitter? Does it smell moldy? When you chew it, our flax will be crunchy then chewy. A good flaxseed with plenty of fiber and oil will start crunchy, and then be gummy. If it is just crunchy, that means the seed is basically hollow.

So what about the flax found in Health food stores that is golden in bulk? Many times the flaxseed that is turned down by packaging companies is then sold to a broker for bulk sales. It does not make it bad, just inferior.

Golden Flax 4U makes sure that the flax we package is the very highest quality and we donít want the quality of our product to be diminished because it isnít as clean as humanly possible. We lose a lot of our seed to the cleaning process, but believe it is worth it.

Golden Flax is a superior product and thus offers superior results. Our product is FDA regulated and we do not use pesticides. KNOW where your food comes from, and that it is clean and free of pesticides. If you are interested in doing something healthy and nutritious such as taking flaxseed, do it right with Golden Flax 4U!