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The Many Benefits of Flaxseed

Golden Flaxseed promotes the general well-being of the body and is very beneficial for treatment of a variety of health problems. Following is a suggested DAILY intake of the Golden Flaxseed. For best results Flaxseed needs to be ground fresh with a coffee grinder immediately before it is taken.

Golden Flaxseed can be mixed into 10 to 12 oz. of jui or water (make sure you take plenty of liquids). The suggested minimum daily intake is 1/4 cup of flaxseed ground to a meal. The most beneficial amount for maximum nutritional value of the Flaxseed is to take 2 tablespoons both in the morning and evening.

Those with diabetes, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, insomnia, and chronic constipation should take 2 tablespoons of finely ground flaxseed 30-40 minutes before each meal for the maximum health benefit. Finely ground Flaxseed gently cleanses out any wrinkles and pouches that trap bacteria in the G.I tract, and it lubricates the whole intestinal system.

Those with insomnia will find that Flaxseed will stabilize blood sugars for a more restful sleep.

Weight Control is another wonderful benefit! Flaxseed acts as a bulking agent and swells 3-4 times its size when ingested. Take 2-3 tablespoons of ground flaxseed stirred into 10-12 oz. of juice or water 30-40 minutes before meals.

The Oil of Flaxseed

Flaxseed oil is the richest source of the omega 3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid. This fatty acid is considered essential, meaning your body cannot make it but requires it and so must derive all of it from the diet. The average American diet is sorely lacking in this healing fat.

Golden Flaxseed is unique in that 48% of its total fat content is omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for proper infant growth and development, especially important in the formation of a healthy nervous system, and to help keep that nervous system functioning properly.

Flaxseed oil has been shown to be useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, behavioral problems such as attention deficit disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder in adults and children1,2,3. Omega 3 fats are also important in modifying the bodyís inflammatory response, making them very helpful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases like allergies, asthma, arthritis and eczema4,5. Studies have shown that omega 3 fats can lower blood pressure, ďbadĒ cholesterol, and triglycerides by as much as 25% and 65%6,7. Itís impact on the number one killer in our country, heart disease, might be itís most exciting health benefit.

Flax (Linum usitatissimum) is a beautiful blue flowered plant grown on the plains of Central Canada and the North Central United States. Medical research has taken great interest in flaxseed. Study after study confirms that the oil and fiber components of the flaxseed are wonderfully health promoting and are curative for many disease states.

We grow, package and ship our flaxseed from Denhoff and Goodrich, North Dakota. We have a unique proprietary cleaning and packaging process that was built especially for us. This process eliminates any contact of the grain with human hands or other sources of biological contamination. We are proud to offer the finest, highest quality Gold Flaxseed available. While others may claim to sell quality flaxseed, ours is by far the cleanest and most healthy seed available.

Flaxseed for Health

Current research finding that the benefits of flaxseed help to combat the onset or reduce the symptoms of...

. . . and the list goes on and on. It seems that more and more benefits of Flaxseed, Flaxseed Oil and Flaxseed Lignans are being discovered through increasing research. The verified health benefits of Flaxseed are so numerous that it is ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

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