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Premium Golden Flaxseed
Organic Golden Flaxseed 
add  view - 96oz Golden Flaxseed  $33
add  view - 96oz Organic Golden Flaxseed  $38.00    
add  view - Full Case 96oz Golden Flaxseed $110 
add  view - Full Case 96oz Organic Golden Flaxseed $130.00
add  view - 26oz Golden Flaxseed $11   
add  view - 26oz Organic Golden Flaxseed $12.00 
add  view - Full Case 26oz Golden Flaxseed $110
add  view - Full Case 26oz Organic Golden Flaxseed $130
add  view - 1 Kg (2.2lb) Bag Golden Flaxseed $11
add  view - 25lb Box Organic Golden Flaxseed $120
add  view - Full Case (12) $100
add  view - Organic Flaxseed 100lb special price $399
add FB5 -  5lb Bag Golden Flaxseed $22 Organic Cold Milled Flaxseed
add FB25 - 25lb Box Golden Flaxseed $90 add  view    - 24oz Organic Cold Milled Golden Flaxseed $15
add FB25x4 - 100lb special price
add  view  - Full Case (12) 24oz Organic Cold Milled $150
Cold Milled Flaxseed
add           - 20lb Organic Cold Milled Golden Flaxseed $105
add FCM24 - 24oz Cold Milled Golden Flaxseed $11
add           - 100lb Organic Cold Milled Special Price $450
add FCM24xFull Case (12) 24oz Cold Milled $110
Organic Barley
add FCM20 - 20lb Cold Milled Golden Flaxseed $90
 add BNS - Barley NS  $39.95 (shipped free)
add FCM20x5 100 lb Cold Milled Special Price
add BNS - Full Case (4) Barley NS $143.80 (shipped free)
Flaxseed Lignan
Grinders, Mixers and Whippers
add 5.3oz Flaxseed Lignan  (SDG 35-48)  $34.95
add Proctor-Silex Grinder $19.95 GRN
add Full Case (4) 5.3oz Flaxseed Lignan $123.80
view 16 oz. Blender Bottle click color selection below to add 
add 5.3oz Organic Flaxseed Lignan (SDG 35-48)  $39.95
(Red) (Blue) (Green) (Yellow) (Purple) $7.95
add Full Case (4) 5.3oz Organic Flaxseed Lignan
add Capucino Wisk $3.95

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