Golden Flax 4 U, Inc.
Offering Premium, Natural and Organic Golden Flaxseed, Flax and Flaxseed Lignans, Golden Flax 4U, Inc.

Founded in 1999 by Joseph L. Turgeon, Golden Flax 4 U is the original Golden Flax company. Our goals include providing the highest quality products raised in North Dakota, educating people about the great nutritional and health benefits of these products and providing a profitable outlet for the family farmers to get their products to market. We have grown rapidly in the past few years due to satisfied customers telling their friends and families. This is so important for it shows that we are reaching our goals. Ask someone about the marvels of golden flaxseed, tell someone about the treasure of golden flaxseed and together be blessed with the health and joy that comes from a true wonder of nature! Thanks to you, our wonderful friends and customers. May God bless you all in life and health!